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The links below lead to my fanfiction.

These are my fanfictions. If a link is broken, please contact me at one of the locations on my homepage.

My writing can be found "live" on the following livejournals: the 30_kisses and trigun_holidays communities, and my personal LJ, a link to which is on the homepage. This is a collection of finished stories.
My Knives x Vash series:
"Purest Hatred"
Pairings: implied Steve x Knives, Knives x Vash.
Rating: It's 13 up in the fic itself, but up that to 16 up to be safe. Warnings: angst, implied, non-graphic twincest and child abuse.
"Vicious Circle"
Pairings: implied Steve x Knives, Knives x Vash.
Rating: 16 up.
Warnings: child abuse, graphic violence, strong language, twincest, angst.
"Ten Days"
Pairings: Knives x Vash
Rating: 13 up
Warnings: Angst, violent and sexual references, violence.
Pairings: Knives x Vash
Rating: Not Worksafe/Adult
Warnings: Angst, lime, graphic violence, abuse, language, and questionable consent.
Pairings: Knives x Vash
Rating: Not Worksafe/Adult
Warnings: Lemon, violence, angst, spoilers for both universes, slight AU in how the cores awaken (i.e. I still haven't gotten to that point in the manga for financial reasons and I can't write Bill Conrad. I'm choosing the lesser evil of slight AU over the worse of mangling Conrad's characterization.) I also want to warn for squick. The scene, when you see it, is not meant as scat, but as realism and Knives, not the writer, having a sick fetish. I seriously almost vomited when I wrote that.
"Broken Angels"
Pairings: Past Knives x Vash
Rating: 16 up
Warnings: References to past sex and borderline rape, angst, graphic violence, psychological issues, alcohol abuse.
"Like The Scarlet Letter"
Pairings: Past Knives x Vash
Rating: 16 up
Warnings: Yaoi, implied het, mature themes, angst, graphic violence, alcohol abuse, attempted suicide, implied BDSM.
"One Day In July"
Pairings: Knives x Vash, Vash = younger Frank Marlon, dream Vash x Legato
Rating: Not worksafe/Adult but just barely
Warnings: Yaoi, rape, lime including the idea that the Angel Arms are in some ways a sexual metaphor, graphic violence, language, mangaverse elements.
"Confessions of an Honest Egoist"
Pairings: Knives x Vash, Knives x Legato
Rating: 16 up
Warnings: Knives POV, yaoi, lime, BDSM, solo, references to past rape, violence, slight AU, mangaverse crossover.
"The Chains That Bind"
Pairings: past Knives x Vash, Knives x Legato.
Rating: 16 up
Warnings:  Yaoi, mentions of past rape, angst, mature themes, language, alcohol and drug use.
Pairings: Past Knives x Vash and references to past Frank Marlon = Vash. Present pairings are Knives x Legato, dream Rem x Vash, and canonical one-sided Vash longing for women.
Rating: 16 up
Warnings: Yaoi lime, het lime, angst, language, violence, mature themes, alcohol and drug abuse. An additional warning for infantilism here: it's not my kink, but I do see it as IC for Vash.
"Catching Mayflies"
Pairings: Past Knives x Vash, present pairings Midvalley = Wolfwood hints, Wolfwood = Vash and Wolfwood x Milly.
Rating: Not worksafe/Adult
Warnings: Yaoi lime, yaoi lemon, het lime, angst, language, violence, mature themes, alcohol and drug abuse, references to past rape and abuse.
"Calling You Home, My Beloved Brother"
Pairings: Knives x Vash primary, Knives x Legato, Wolfwood = Vash
Rating: Not worksafe/Adult
Warnings: Graphic violence, yaoi lime, solo, angst, language (more than before, because I'm attempting to be grittier and more realistic), mature themes, alcohol and drug abuse, psychological torture.
"Scream For Me"
Pairings: Knives x Vash primary, Knives x Legato, references to Wolfwood = Vash and Midvalley = Wolfwood
Rating: 16 up
Warnings:Knives first-person POV, yaoi lime, graphic violence, references to sex, references to rape, angst, animeverse with manga elements.
~My Other Fanfics~
"Catastrophic Damage"
Pairings: References to past Wolfwood x Milly, present Milly x Vash, Knives x Vash implied
Rating: 13 up
Warnings: ANGST, dark!Vash, alcohol abuse but no more than in canon, references to suicide.
Summary: Written for a challenge. Rain makes Milly very sad. This makes Knives happy.
Pairings: Past Wolfwood = Vash and Wolfwood x Milly
Rating: 13 up
Warnings: Anime canon, angst, mild yaoi if you read it that way (what used to be called shounen ai), canonical character death, alcohol abuse.
Summary: Vash takes a walk through Tonim to sort out his thoughts after discovering Wolfwood in the church.

Ratings System:

Everyone: This is even milder than canon. Few things here will be rated "Everyone," but the presence of an "Everyone" rating means that there will be no or very mild/comic violence, no or very mild language, and no sex.
13 up: Not more than you'd see in Trigun anime canon. There may be graphic violence, some strong language, and suggestive themes/implications, things like flirting or kissing or fade-to-black sex, but there are no graphic sexual scenes.
16 up: Not more than you'd see in the manga canon for the most part, except for a little more sex ~_^ . Very graphic violence, highly disturbing themes, strong language, and "lime" sexual scenes may be present.
Not Worksafe/Adult: Fics carrying this rating may contain graphic yaoi and/or hetero "lemon" sexual scenes, which may also contain disturbing content. They may also contain very strong language and very graphic violence, as well as other content suitable only for mature readers.

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