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Welcome to .:Desert Dystopia:.
This site contains yaoi and slash material. If you do not know what yaoi/slash is, it is the depiction of male homosexual relationships between characters. If you're under legal age in your location, please do not view works marked "adult" or "not worksafe," and if you're under 13, go away.
Feel free to browse about the site. Here, you can find my fanfiction and that of my friends (once I get the sections working), view character and relationship rants that aren't from the heterosexually biased viewpoint, and find things that you might like to see.

Site updates:

I've only started work here. ^_^ This site needs a lot more, but keep checking back for updates!
Added two fics of my own, usericons, and links section. Considering removing art and doujinshi links page because of previous anger over availability of doujinshi.


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